Residential Rehabilitation
The physical and Mental rehab Care vary from person to person and for how long he is suffering is also Matters ? mostly people don’t know about Nisarga care because we work on Mouth to Mouth Basic . There are some of the treatments adopted by the doctors physiotherapist and other trained staff The cure of this program basically depends on the family of the patient. They must cooperate in order to cure their loved ones.
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Residence here are given a lot of loving care, medical supervision, Spacious rooms, compatible furniture, companionate caregiver, hygienic environment, ‘like-a-home cooked’ meals & feeds, laundry facility, and maintenance services are some feature of our Centre. We also take into consideration the health and safety requirements of every Residence or senior citizen. Reaches out to you at the time you need the most care and support. We are a Professional- shelter home focusing on palliation of All Residence which our Organization started in 1989.
Medical Centre
Physiotherapies Centre
24/7 Doctors & Nurses
Home Assistance (Sample Collection, wound care, Basic health care etc.)
Home Nursing Service
24/7 Ambulance Services
Maintenances of Health records and periodic medical check-up in NISARGA CARE NISARGACARE.COM

How it Works
  • Better Care For Complex Conditions
  • Routine and medical care and travel.
  • Manage your time so you’ll get
  • Excellence in Healthcare. Every day.
  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus
  • Building a healthy medical environment.

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