We at Nisarga care aim at providing the best we can to our Patients/ Residence. Here is a glimpse of what we offer, however we welcome you to our premises whenever you wish.

Assisted Care
Aging parents and their working children face these challenging situations.

Rehabilitation Center 
Rehabilitation is a treatment or treatments designed to facilitate the process

Geriatric Care
Geriatrics is a science of medicine which deals with medical & health problems

Terminal Care
Terminal care is a long-term illness care which may or may not be curable.

Old Age Home-
Home for Senior Citizen
Nisarga care  offers old age home facility as well – a residence where senior citizens

Post-Operative Care
Postoperative care is the care you need after a surgical procedure. It includes pain management

Short Term Stay
Nisarga care  welcomes your aging parents for a day visit or a short term stay as well.

Nisarga care  Clinic
Nisarga care Clinic specializes in this branch of health care dealing with the problems

Nisarga Mental Health Care

Home for Mentally Sick Home for Mentally Disabled, ill , sick ,

Mentally Challenged, we have Mental Health unit where Doctors psychiatric ,

Counselor work for Mental Health

Nisarga Home Nursing Service

we Provide Home Nursing Service our Nurses will Stay round the clock and take care of Patients

with Affection Serving is your fashion and motto

Ambulance Service
We provide 24 x 7 ambulance services. Nisarga care Care And Doctor’s Visit

Ambulance Service

We provide 24 x 7 ambulance services.

Nisarga care Care And Doctor’s Visit
• Doctor’s consultation & treatment at our Homes comfort.
• Help with all aspects of personal hygiene and dressing
• Assistance with toilet use and continence problems
• Help with feeding
• Complete Nursing tasks
• Nutritional Feeding
• Administration of medicines
• Helping with mobility/ambulation
• Provision of emotional support
• Providing Happy Comfortable stay to the patient


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