Palliative Care centers in bangalore |

Palliative Care center in bangalore |

Institute of Palliative Care will be bedded care and treatment facility and will provide state of the art palliative care services to 1000 of patients from 1989. These kind of Quality palliative care services are not available anywhere in Bangalore apart from Nisarga care. The facility is one of its kind in the country and is being taken care of residence with Nursing care takers developed under the guidance and supervision of Doctors from Nisarga care and you hospital quidince and according to patient case history and discharge summary

Institute of Palliative Care:

Palliative Care is the treatment of symptoms and complications of Disease’s which is desperately needed by advanced palliative patients at a time when becomes incurable and symptom management becomes most important to maintain the quality of their life. A significant number of patients Required Medical nursing care and Rehabilitation facility which Nisarga Care well comes any kind of patients

Palliative Care involves a holistic approach towards patient as a whole and his physical, psychological, spiritual ,social needs with Love and affection. Timely food which includes Break fast Lunch dinner , Beverages are provided in time, physiotherapy will be given at Nisarga Care

Nisarga care provides necessitates special environment, customized or building design to allow day light exposure, wide passages, special palliative care beds.

It demands specialists, nurses and paramedics, trained psychologists, religious services and support of society.

This indeed will be the state of the art; modern looking and largest custom designed Institute of Palliative Care of sub-continent.
As per the best good place for palliative care in Bangalore is Nisarga Care ,

Nisarga care Care And Doctor’s Visit
• Doctor’s consultation & treatment at our Homes comfort.
• Help with all aspects of personal hygiene and dressing
• Assistance with toilet use and continence problems
• Help with feeding
• Complete Nursing tasks
• Nutritional Feeding
• Administration of medicines
• Helping with mobility/ambulation
• Provision of emotional support
• Providing Happy Comfortable stay to the patient

Home Nursing Service for Palliative Patients

Our organization aims to serve humanity by providing the needy all Hygienic Care
Palliative Care at your Home – Nisarga Care 24/7 Home nursing Nursing we provide for bedridden , or any Palliative Patients , Nurses helps patients to recover from illness at your home is called home nursing , or you can Admit at our center ,palliative care nursing is provided by our group of specially-trained nurses, specialists doctors ,

Nisarga Care Home Nursing which provides you a Professional and Trained Nurses Across Bengaluru. Karnataka
Palliative Care Dementia Nisarga Care Health care center in Bangalore We provide a to z home medical and home nursing service at your door steps at Nisarga care geriatric care and palliative care center

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