We don’t publicize our achievements unlike others. We believe in doing silent good work which we know will bring us laurels. We, at Navachaithanya have developed a good reputation in the community by offering high-class and long term care services to the needy who come to us. We provide various types of services such as Elder Care, Dementia Care, Respite Care, Long Term Care, Assisted Living, etc. In order to get quality service, you can bank on us. We are backed by a team of qualified and experienced doctors, psychiatrists, psychologist, trainers, counselor, social workers and other staffs who are serving the society with honesty and dedication. These qualified staffs help us in offering high-quality nursing and social care services

For offering better-quality services, we train, tune and sensitize our staffs who are loyal and show hundred percent commitments towards their responsibilities. We always bond with promises because we don’t want to mislead the clients by offering them moon. We are fully focused on delivering the finest services. We are happy over our achievements and if any one degrades us about working with older or the disabled people, we respond simply by saying that it is enjoyable, as well as being the most commendable job anyone can have. We treat this as passion. We show sympathy, respect and dignity to the people we encounter, which means always being aware of the fact that we are in someone Else’s home.

An old age care center, Navachaitanya was established in 1989 the mission was one-to care helpless and hapless. The primary objective of organization is to advocate, care, teach and serve them with compassion, kindness and respect for bringing happiness in their lives. The people and staffs who associated with us do not work as profession but they just serve the needy with enthusiasm and passion. Our primary aim is to offer long term health care needs to your family and friends.

Testimonials and Feedback of patients and their family members are the most significant ways for making improvement in quality of services. Hence, we welcome patients and their family members to ask question and participate in deciding about their care and well being. Apart from home care, our organization also has two assisted living facilities which can accommodate 45 bed ridden patients and walkable old age person who need 24-hour nursing attention. Our staffs are very happy to work with infirm elders or disable because it is the most rewarding job and offer inner satisfaction.


Welcome to Navachaitanya Old Age Home

Navachaitanya Old age Home is formed with the main objective of providing succor and care for the old. With this objective in mind, the home has established an old age home that provides comfortable, clean and hygienic boarding and lodging facilities with nursing and medical care. It’s an experiment in community living where every member is made to feel at home without the impersonal atmosphere of an old age home.

The premises of the old age home is located at Banaswadi, peaceful and serene surroundings.


Senior citizens – Both male and female are admitted as residents of the old age home on short term and long term basis.

Full boarding and lodging facility, personal laundry, nursing, library and Single/Common/Sharing room facilities like TV, indoor games, etc. Yoga classes will be held for the benefit of the residents. Residents who are immobile/bedridden needing constant attention.

Welcome to Navachaitanya Old Age Home

Care Giving
We are one of the leading service providers of Care-giving services . Caregivers service, credit goes to our professionals who are experienced, skilled and help the patient with care and honesty.

We train Our Staff in our assisted living facilities and impart all the necessary skills for outstanding Care-giving Services. We know that the right match is important and we make every effort to accurately match our caregivers to our clients. We don’t allow our customers to interview the caregivers before they hire. This is because you’ll not be able to judge the capabilities of our caregivers. We are the best to judge. Our selection starts with a thorough pre-screening process including:

Personal Interviews
Interaction with Parents
Gram Penchant Reference
Competency Testing
Caregivers that make all the difference:

Carefully screened
Motivated and monitored
Committed, qualified, compassionate and reliable
Experience with hospice care, Alzheimer’s, dementia, strokes, cancer, MS and Parkinson’s
On-going supervision, quarterly in-house training and monthly performance evaluations
Goes the extra mile
Extends courtesy and politeness to all
Possesses and shows a can-do attitude.
Anticipates the customer’s needs and concerns
Long Distance Care Giving
It has become very common phenomenon for extended families and friends to be separated by great distances. New job opportunities force the adult children to move away from home. However, at some point in their lives, your parents, grandparents or a loved one will become unable to properly care for themselves. Suddenly you are faced the challenge of long distance Care giving. We, at Navachaithanya manage plenty of such situations and make life easier for children who are worried about the parents’ health and for their welfare.

Our professionals ready to give nursing care to your mother or father round the clock. You make a call to us any time for companionship to love one. We will ask you to send your immediate relative, a cousin or uncle or a close friend to the office to have preliminary discussion and evaluation of the clinical condition. In this preliminary meeting our professionals like psychologists, doctors, social workers and other staffs will discuss the prognosis, support systems currently available, emergency preparedness, family dynamics, chances of deterioration, chances of rehabilitation, support systems needed in case of deterioration of condition etc.,. In short a care plan is drawn.

Your relative and friend can not give much time as they also have their own hectic schedules. To ease the burden, we provide Long Distance Care giving services to clients. These services are provided by those professionals who have credibility, competence and professionalism. Before you hire Navachaitanya, just evaluate the credibility of the organization and not those who offer moon. You should find out how the service provider imparts training, what is the protocol regarding the replacements, how the grievance redressal system functions. Moreover, emergency response systems, ability to manage when the condition changes to a different level and availability of assisted living facility also matters when you chose a provider. Sitting in a far off place you should be able to access all these if required.

You may ask to anyone in Bangalore, your friends, neighbors, colleagues, relatives or hospitals, you’ll get our name as a competent, trustworthy, passionate Care giving service provider in long term care. Over the years we created a tradition in caring the distressed and the disabled. Caring is our passion.


Conducting Free General Medical Camp
Free Eye Checkup Camp
Free Ayurvedic Camps
Free Optical & Required Medicine Distributions.
Free Eye Surgery
Mobile Medical Services
Awareness & Counseling Programmer
Mobile Medical Centre
HIV/AIDS awareness programmer
Immunization for Children /Adult Programmer
Road Safety Programmer etc..……………

Old Age Home
Home for Mentally Disabled
Home for Handicapped
24/7 Nursing Care
Doctors Care
Food & Accommodation
Clean & Hygienic Facilities
Spacious, Secured, Comfortable and peaceful Environment
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DONATION :- The donations made to Navachaithanya Trust are tax deductible under section 80G(2)(a)(iv) r.w.s. 80G(5)(vi) of the income-tax Act.1961 in the hands of the donors
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22 May, 2021

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