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You can book a practical stay at our homes in Bangalore for Homestay of Senior Citizens. Prakruthi stay in bangalore ,Nisarga Nature Residence Home in Bangalore, home for senior living for better living, food Stay needs and medical care Facility .
We provide the resources and services our residents need for a high quality of life! Get directions for a visit. Call us to know the rates. All this and more in our health care will give you


“Good stay – suitable for senior citizens”

Our nurses are well trained and have the expertise to deal with postoperative patients and other patients who have consulted for medical care at home. Nursing.

Best stay in nature, nature Nisarga Care old age Health Care, senior citizens stay, home to the elderly in nature,

Enjoy quick recovery in our home by getting home nursing services in Bangalore … We provide excellent care to patients at our residence Your trust worthy nursing care is designed to help patients suffering from BP, diabetic sugar, dementia, whatever. Hospice care, diabetes, BP screening, long-term care, people with disabilities, dementia / disabled, dementia care, all Alzheimer care, Parkinson’s patient care, hospice care, palliative care, bed sore / wound dressing, bed care, bed care, bed care, Rehabilitation 24/7 Nursing Care With Neat and Sanitary Facility,

Get trained caregivers in our residential care, home for the elderly, post-operative care, palliative care, diabetes care, routine bed-side care. Available from Nature Care in Bangalore

Bangalore Best and Oldest – * Older Home Care Facility * Independent Living * Assisted Living * Long Term Stay * Short Term Stay * Respectful Care. Nature Care

We care for your best stay! Should You Buy a Home to Live Your Retirement? Or do you need a good and good senior citizen home to serve you in old age?

We offer a good stay in nature, nature stays old, Homestay, Senior Citizens stay, Home for the elderly in nature, Feel free to contact us for Home Stay

Nisarga Nature care here is India’s best place to retire. We are known for quality of life, good weather and all kinds of medical facilities


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Dementia treatment in Bangalore

Dementia is a brain disease that affects the ability to think, learn, and remember. It is typically characterized by impaired cognitive functions such as memory loss, difficulty with language, impaired judgment, and visuospatial function.

Today dementia is the sixth most common cause of death and people look out for Dementia treatment in Bangalore as it has also risen to be the leading cause of death for people over 75 years of age. The number of patients with dementia has increased 9 percent just since 2010 leaving many mental health care providers scrambling to find effective treatments for their patients.

There are many different types of dementia including Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy body dementia, vascular dementia, progressive supranuclear palsy and many more. Each type has unique symptoms that may require different types of treatment options. Dementia treatment

Which are the Best Symptoms of Dementia?

Dementia is a medical term for an irreversible, progressive brain disease that impairs cognitive ability. It is important to know the symptoms of dementia so that people can react in time and get treatment.

Some of the common warning signs of dementia are forgetting recent events, misplacing things, problems with memory and language skills, confusion about time or place, and thinking disorientingly.

How to Find a Specialist for Your Family with Early Stage Dementia disease?

It has been estimated that the number of people with Dementia disease is expected to exceed 5.4 million by 2050. It’s not just the number of patients that have increased, it is also the cost.

The early-stage disease doesn’t have any symptoms at first; it can be difficult to detect and diagnose.

The best way to find a specialist for your family is to ask your doctor or contact different hospitals for their recommendations, but be careful because there are no guarantees they will actually help you find an answer. But we suggest you visit Nisarga Care, as it is the best center available.

Why Nisarga Care is Best?

Nisarga Care provides a safe, caring, and supportive environment for the parents, children, and caregivers of all ages. It offers activities from early childhood up to high school which provides a variety of learning opportunities for all members of the family. With our professional staff on hand, you can rely on us to provide quality care in a private setting.

Nisarga Care is best because it gives parents instruction on how to teach their children who will benefit from more structured activities which will be helpful in shaping a good future, they have the first calls food facilities along with being the best center for dementia treatment in Bangalore.

Nisarga Care is a healthcare facility that offers a variety of services to patients. From physiotherapy to Ayurveda treatment, it caters to all their needs. It is widely known for its holistic care services and efficacy. Nisarga Care is completely walk-in, which allows people from all walks of life to visit them.

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Couple old age home near Bengaluru, Karnataka

There has been a steady rise in the number of elderly people in the population. This has led to an increased demand for old-age homes and other facilities for elderly persons, such as retirement homes and nursing homes, to provide them with care and treatment.

It is unfortunate that many people live the last few years of their lives in pain or neglectful conditions because they cannot afford or find a comfortable living environment that suits their needs. Well for them Couple old age home near Bengaluru, Karnataka is available.

You can visit out Nisarga Care and be ready to have the first-class facilities available.

Different Types of Senior Citizens Homes Available in India

Senior citizens homes are for individuals who are 65 years or more. They offer a complete package of care and facilities to senior citizens who need assistance in their day-to-day life. when you visit Couple old age home near Bengaluru, Karnataka, you need to be sure about the type too.

There are different types of senior citizen homes available in India –

  • Regular Senior Citizen Homes,
  • Special Senior Citizen Homes,
  • Old Age Homes etc.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Old Age Home for Your Loved Ones

There are many factors to consider when choosing an old age home for your loved ones. But with Nisarga Care there will be no problem at all. As all the parameters have been taken into consideration and the best facilities are available for all the people out there.

Advantages of an old-age home:-

  • Couple old age homes offer a lot of activities that keep people engaged in life.
  • They also have medical facilities that can keep track of your loved one’s health, which is important if they need more care than usual.
  • These homes are usually close to shopping centres, schools, and other necessary services so it’s easier to run errands or go out on outings with friends or family members..

Why Do Couple old age home near Bengaluru, Karnataka are required?

It is notable that Bengaluru is the fastest-growing city in India. This has led to an increase in the need for homes, apartments, and residential projects for retirees. The real estate market of Bengaluru is mainly driven by demand from retiree that means that there is a constant need for developments of new homes near Bengaluru.


There are many reasons why retirees are looking to buy their home near Bengaluru, Karnataka. These include proximity to Bangalore which is best place to live in India, the availability of hospitals close by, excellent schools nearby and both government and private schools around the city.

Why Nisarga care is Best Old Age Homes in Bengaluru for Senior Citizens

Nisarga Care is the best old age homes in Bengaluru for senior citizens. It provides care to both men and women, with all amenities like

  • Good environment, hygienic surroundings, quality food and comfort-abled rooms.
  • Almost all of the schools accept children who are living in these old age homes. The schools are within a five kilometer radius of these old age homes. If you are looking for a place where your aging loved ones can live comfortably while still getting access to the care they need, then Nisarga Care is what you should consider.

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Stroke treatment in Bangalore and rehabilitation center

Stroke problems are very common these days. It can hit people of any age and interfere with their lifestyle. But the best part is, right now, treatments are available. If you are in Bangalore, you are quite fortunate because Nisarga Care is the destination where you can get the treatment. When you look at this destination for stroke treatment in Bangalore and rehabilitation center, you will find professionals who have years of experience in treating such conditions and helping people to live their lives peacefully.

It is among the best rehabilitation centers available, with first-class facilities. You will be happy to know that Nisarga Care is not only up to the mark considering the medical facilities but also provides top-notch services to patients. Along with medical facilities, they take care of what the individual is up to and help them to understand the changes that will happen in their life.

If you think why it is the best stroke treatment in Bangalore centre, then just have a look at the aspects we are discussing below.

Why choose Nisarga Care for stroke treatment?

When you choose Nisarga Care for stroke treatment, you will be happy to know that they have the best facilities available and their medical staff have years of experience in treating the conditions. The professionals will take care of everything and help the individuals to understand what they are supposed to do.

Not only is medical help required, but the individual who is suffering from a problem also needs to be sure about the changes that are going to take place in their life. The medical professionals will help them to understand what it is. Also, when you look at it as a stroke treatment in Bangalore and rehabilitation center, you will find that its professionals are helping patients to stay positive throughout. Positivity is important because it helps them to live their lives peacefully.

How to get in touch with the doctors at Nisarga Care?

When you are looking forward to getting in touch with doctors at Nisarga Care, there will be no problems throughout. Being one of the best centers for stroke treatment in Bangalore and a rehabilitation center, they have come up with an online portal from where you can get an appointment. Also, you can visit the centre directly and have a conversation with the doctors available. They will help you to understand everything, and lately, the treatment has started. Without any delay, you will see that the patient with you is feeling comfortable and ready to leave their life peacefully.

If you are in Bangalore or any nearby city and get fed up with looking for stroke treatment in Bangalore and rehabilitation centres, then don’t miss the opportunity to visit Nisarga Care. This will be the best centre for you to visit, as it will have top-notch facilities available that will be best for you to use. Visit it now and get the treatment!

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Women’s and Men’s Health Heal , Mens , womens , Health Heal , Geriatric care in Home Health Heal Care Center in bangalore

Residential care  and in house Medical care service in bangalore

We Focus on Short and Long Term Care has shifted from hospital Nursing home , Post operative care for Heal Heath Stay long stay wards directed by geriatricians to privately operated community nursing and residential homes, where medical care is provided by general practitioners. The massive expansion of long term care in independent homes, now 70% of total provision, has largely been a consequence of inadequate development of health and social services.



Residents of care homes often have multiple diseases and significant physical and mental impairment. Their medical care is entrusted to general practitioners, many of whom have had no special training4 and for whom there is little incentive under present remuneration to provide appropriate patterns of care. The decreasing commitment of the Nisargacare to chronic care, particularly for frail elderly patients in long term care, has insidiously been accompanied by a tendency to define illness as terminating at the point of hospital discharge. As lengths of hospital stay fall, older people are at real risk of missing rehabilitative opportunities5 and of inappropriately entering long term care, often on a presumed temporary basis, without a management plan.

The key to Managing Chronic illness is active surveillance and timely intervention. Research shows that geriatric evaluation and management improves outcomes and saves money. Indeed, the specialty grew out of the need to provide medical care for such long stay patients. With the dissolution of long term care in the Nisarga Care the specialty has increasingly merged with general medicine, to the extent that geriatricians now constitute the largest medical subspecialty in acute adult medicine.10 Increasing specialist commitments for many general medical specialties and the inexorable rise in acute medical demands have resulted in many geriatricians becoming firefighters of acute exacerbations of chronic disease. They are unable to lead programmes that encourage maintenance of health and functioning of elderly people.


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Progressive supranuclear palsy patient care home in Bangalore | Progressive supranuclear palsy patient care home in Bangalore |

Are you someone who is searching for the best progressive supranuclear palsy patient care home in Bangalore? Are you looking for a destination where you can send your elderly people and feel relaxed? If yes, then your search has come to an end because Nisarga Care is the best destination to visit.

Nisarga Care is among the best progressive Supranuclear policy patient care homes in Bangalore where you will find first-class facilities and your elderly loved ones will be able to feel relaxed and comfortable at the same time. We are occupied with first class facilities which make us the best ones around. If you are confused about why you should choose us, have a look at the parameters we are discussing below.

Reasons to choose Nisarga Care:-

First-class facilities:

When you choose us as your progressive supranuclear palsy patient care home in Bangalore, you will be happy to know that we are occupied with first-class facilities which help your individuals to feel relaxed. 24 by 7 services are available, which will let you feel relaxed even if you are staying there.

Top-quality food:

The food we give to all the patients is up to the mark. Dietitians are there that design the food chart so that there will be no problem with patients and they can live their life peacefully. Sometimes some people are allergic to certain foods, and the people in their surroundings do not care about it. But at Nisarga Care, this will not happen because after examining the condition of the person and discussing it with the doctor,

Expert advice:

You will always have expert advice available. It is right to conclude that the experts are always there to help you. If your loved ones are facing any trouble, they can simply discuss it with doctors and come to a conclusion.

Budget-friendly services:

Exploring the amount you need to pay for the services is really very friendly. It will not feel like you are getting in debt or that you need to take money from others. Within your budget, things will be there.

Doctors are cooperative:

The doctors available are quite cooperative. We never compromise with patients at all. It doesn’t matter whether you belong to a high-class family or the middle class, the treatment is the same and equal for everyone out there.

Best medical personnel:

Last but not least, the healthcare staff, apart from doctors, are really very friendly. You will not feel like they are not listening to you or helping you out with the problem you are facing. Just let us know what you are up to so that we can arrange things accordingly. There will be no problem at all. If you are facing any difficulty, just reach out to superior staff to get it answers immediately.

We hope right now you know why it is integral for you to get in touch with us to get the best services available. If you are facing any difficulty, just let us know so that we can help you out and provide you with the best facilities seamlessly.

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Assisted living facilities in Bangalore India

Right now, we are in a generation where we always believe in ourselves. Sometimes when we are focusing on our elderly people, we always want a destination where they can get the best services in return. Well, this is known as assisted living.

Recently, assisted living facilities in Bangalore, India are available, which people are considering highly. The major reason for considering them is because these are the housing facility for people that are dealing with disabilities. Yes, you understand it right. If you are searching for such a destination, then don’t forget to visit Nisarga care.

Nisarga care is a one-stop destination for all the people who are looking out for the best helpers for their older people. They can help them to deal with disabilities easily. If you have no idea why we are saying you to visit it, then just have a look at the aspects we are discussing.

Services for every age group:

Services for every age group are available. It doesn’t matter whether the person you have is elder or any young one they can get the best facilities available. At Nisarga care, there is no compromise done with care at all. If you have an older person who is not in a condition to speak or hears, they are ready to take care of them as well. No person is inferior to them.

Best quality food:

Food quality is up to the mark, and dietitians decide it so that there will be the proper lifestyle and they will not face any sort of difficulty at all. When you look out for assisted living facilities in Bangalore, India. This one will definitely be going to hit at the top due to the facilities available. Also, the manner in which they are taking care of people on their premises is one of the best things.

Great work with a smile:

The staff available is so friendly that you will not feel like they are helping you in any way. You have a feeling they are supporting you and motivating you to achieve the best in your life. Also, they have the luxury health Care home assisted living facility, which is again icing on the cake along with people with a great smile. You will have all sorts of pleasures available at the premises so you will not be going to miss your home at all.

Services at a very reasonable price:

The services are available at a very reasonable price. It clearly means there will be no need for you to feel like you can’t afford the treatment for your once. You can simply manage things at your convenience. Also, the professionals will take care of everything so you will not have to encounter any sort of difficulty with your ones.

Nisarga care is the destination where you will find out the best treatment for your ones and help them to feel stable in life as well. There will be no problems or any sort of difficulty with them. They will soon be able to get back to their lives and live their life comfortably.

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Geriatric care center in Bangalore

For older people, we always lookout for the best. It is important that we are providing the best health facilities as well. By keeping the same in mind, we lookout for a geriatric care center in Bangalore where we can send them for the diagnosis and help them to get rid of the problem they are going through.

But sometimes, finding out the best geriatric care center in Bangalore is a difficult task. As different centers are available and all of them ensure to be the best.

Well, if you are going through the same trouble and have no idea that which one is the best center to choose, then Nisarga Care is the destination you must visit.

You might not have heard about us or feeling like we are just making thoughts, but this is not the truth. After visiting us, there will be numerous advantages available to you.

Advantages of visiting us for geriatric care in Bangalore:-

Top-class professionals:

We have top-class professionals available to us. You will have encounters with all those people who have experience in treating people with different conditions. When we look out for a geriatric center in Bangalore, this is the major point of consideration. Thankfully we are fulfilling this point.

Experienced professionals:

On our premises, you will find out experienced professionals only. All of them also experienced that you will not feel like they are not helping you to know about the problem or also treating you like an insane. Some newbies are also there that are for help only.

Top-notch facilities:

Talking about the health care facilities we have done, these are top-notch. You cannot find out the same facilities anywhere in the town. Being one of the best centers for geriatric care in Bangalore, we believe that there must be transparency in everything, and people will be able to get the best treatments.

Affordable services:

You always believe in providing affordable services, and this is the reason people rely on us. We never ask for hefty amounts from our clients. Within your budget, you can have the best geriatric care available for your elders.

Transparency throughout:

There will be transparency throughout. It doesn’t matter whether you are older people are suffering from any particular problem or not. We always believe that there must be transparency. When you are coming to us for treatment, we help you to know about each and every factor considering their health for better understanding.

Security at best:

We have security at its best. If you are keeping your older people in our premises and they are going through some conditions that they can escape from the surroundings. Don’t worry because we have the security which will take care of them.

Best healthcare staff and helpers:

Apart from the others, we have the best healthcare staff and helpers available. You will not feel like any of them is behaving rudely with you for not helping you to seek medical help.

So yes, it is right to conclude with us you will have the best geriatric care available. Visit us when you are searching out for the best geriatric center in Bangalore.

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Rehabilitation centres in Bangalore

Rehabilitation center in Bangalore

Are you looking out for a rehabilitation center in Bangalore? Are you in confusion which one to choose? Have you visited all the ones but do not have any satisfaction? Well, if this problem is happening with you, then just drop this immediately. Here at Nisarga Care, we are coming up with the best services for all those who are looking out for a rehabilitation center.

Yes. You are right. If you have no idea how we are among the best ones, look at the below-mentioned aspects.

What makes best among all the rehabilitation centres in Bangalore?

We always believe that to come out of any particular addiction, it is important that a person must be mentally strong. Instead of keeping you on some pills or medication, we try to explore your inner soul, which helps you to come out of your state of alcohol or drug addiction.

Treating people with drug addiction seems to be difficult sometimes, but for us, it is important that they feel comfortable. We never believe a person to put on all the medications which may lately harm their health. Usually, the over dose of medications for treating addiction leads to some chronic disease.

Along with that, we have the best professionals available who have years of experience in treating people with such conditions. It doesn’t matter whether it’s been so long since you are consuming drugs or alcohol or you are new to it, we will help you to come out of it for sure.

Being one of the best rehabilitation centres in Bangalore, we believe that there must be transparency in the procedure. It doesn’t matter whether you are staying with us or you are visiting us often we take care of each and everything.

Benefits of visiting rehabilitation center:

Major benefits will be there with individuals when they are visiting the rehabilitation center. These are as follows:-

  • A person will not be on medication anymore. The treatment will be done by diverting them towards those things which are important.
  • A person will not have withdrawal symptoms at all. During the withdrawal symptoms at the rehabilitation center in Bangalore, they have professionals available who will take care of them and provide them with the best possible solution for the state.
  • Availing the rehabilitation centre services is really very affordable, and one can get it easily. At Nisarga Care, coming up best possible treatments for treating people with minimum medicines and amount.

How to get the best care from us?

If you wish to know that how you will be able to get the best care from us then don’t worry because when you search out for rehabilitation centre in Bangalore, you will find us at the top. You can also check out our reviews from people. These help you to know why we are the best ones across. Also, if you are someone who has tried each and everything to come out of your alcohol state, just get in touch with us now and seek medical health from us.

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Elder Care Services in bangalore | Old age home in Bangalore with Medical Emergency Care | old age health Care Home | Old age homes in bangalore | Home Nursing Home | Home Health Services | Senior company service, Home Health Services |

Bangalore caregivers Bangalore caregivers, Retire People Care Health Home in Karnataka,

A good place for the elderly … From Bangalore Nisarga Caretakers Old / All Age Care Home, Home Nursing Service, Palliative Care Center, Nursing Home, Day Care Center for Seniors,Bangalore we are Excellent care, great caring Giving staff, service oriented management, amazing team. Excellent staff with homely caretaking service.


Pre and Post Operative Care Home, Dementia Care Center, Patient Rehabilitation Center After Surgery, Parkinson’s Disease Care, Bedsore .. More Updates from Bangalore Caregivers Excellent old Age house with 24/7. we are the best service provider of Bangalore it May be your Home or at our Home Care is excellent Great care home for all ages care. we really are professionals from 1989 with great experience in patient care. we Have Best Nursing Team … Note most friendly nursing care team in post-operative care in Bangalore name as Nisarga Care Post Operative Care Nursing Team . Our Bedsore care Management is excellent. our oxygen therapy for bedsore care is really effective and cost effective. Bedridden / Paraplegic / Coma Care in our Center @Bangalore .. .we are Ready from our Trained personnel. we have all emergency machines, oxygen concentrators and O2 cylinders, suction machines, nebulizers, monitors, etc.

Nisarga care has some excellent staff with extensive experience in hospitality. Not only professional care, but personal care as well. Home atmosphere, trained and highly dedicated staff are qualities that make them different from others. Our firm runs an old treatment house. we are currently treating 100 patients. our nurses are trained to treat more Bangalore Caregivers, if you Take Service really you will be happy and More happy with the Bangalore

Nisarga care Givers ( Caretakers )service. All old / old house with NISARGA medical facility A group of medical professionals with love and passion for your patients or Parents Loved once and their work. we will take personal care . Reliable Home Nursing Service Providers in Bangalore .. NISARGA care is very good. WE are dedicated Caretaker Services in Bangalore Care-Taker-Services … When it comes to offering caretaker services in Bangalore, Home Care qualifies as your first go-to option.

Our Nisarga care take care of it fell free to call us round the clock Elderly Companion Service – Caring for Senior Citizens – … Senior Citizens, Caregivers for the Elderly, Caregivers for the Elderly, Elderly Assistants in Home Service and Elderly Care at Home in Bangalore. Patient Care Services-Patient Care-Services in Bangalore Patient Care Services in Bangalore – Affordable and Experienced Health Home Health Care Workers we Provide Nisarga Care Caretakers- -Care-Takers Service Nisarga Caretakers is the fastest growing medical services company in Bangalore. Home care and nursing service for the elderly at home. Palliative Care Nisarga Care Senior Care Services. Best Home Nursing Service | Bangalore for home care we are Professional Caretaker Nurse providers to your home or at our Home . Contact Nisarga Care any Time round the Clock Home Nursing Service! We come to you and provide quality treatment. Call for information today. 24/7 support is available. At Home Nurse Home At Home Nurse· Care for the Elderly in Bangalore and Karnataka india Bangalore Best caregivers we are Trusted Company Nisarga Care Best Neuro Rehabilitation Center in India, Best Home Nursing Rehabilitation Center Cum Old age , Best Home Nursing Home!

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Nisarga care Best care in Bangalore , Nisarga health care Organizations , Health Care for Senior Citizens centre , Nisarga Arogyadhama Rehabilitation Nursing with Geriatric Care Center

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